Seeburg Model B 1951

 It is on M.A.S.H. the TV series in the officers beer hall. It is one of the top 3 collectible jukeboxes in the 50s. Our price is $6500.00 on free play and a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!!. It comes with new records and also has moving color in the front of the machine, over the horizontal strips in front of the speaker area. ALL NEW VENEER OF YOUR CHOICE AND NEW CHROME AND RESTORED TO THE MAXIMUM!!!! This is one of our best selling boxes. It is lower priced because it does not take the hours to do as the others.


We also do the B, in a very nice cleaned up version for $3500.00 with a 5 year warranty also. It does not have new veneer,or new chrome, but is a sanded and polished finish of the original veneer under the paint that Seeburg painted ALL BOXES with. Then we polyurethane the finish. The box looks like the $6500 version at a glance, but it will have some minor blemishes. 

 Click here if you would like to see the amazing detail of this great jukebox.

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